Petco Park Stadium

Update: We recently updated this site with more modern technology. Previously the site was built using flash, which at the time, was the widely accepted standard for a rich experience. However, with the advent of touch screens and mobile devices, flash has since been replaced with technology and techniques that better fit the needs of today. We implemented responsive design so that the interface would work appropriately on various screen sizes and device types.

The Petco Park Stadium is well known for its baseball games throughout the year. When there isn’t a baseball game scheduled, the stadium and its many venues are available for various other events. From school proms to major concerts, the stadium is booked on a regular basis. However, the problem was that their existing site didn’t really show off all of the available options, nor did it give all of the needed information to interested parties.

Our aim was to create a clean, easy to use interface that would allow a user to quickly move through the various venues and download relevant info, view images, and pricing.

At the same time, the client wanted to have complete control over all venue info, including which areas are listed, pictures, pricing, downloads, etc.

By utilizing a full screen interface, this allowed us to easily show off the photography as well as use panels to show info. We then built a custom CMS or content management system. This gives the client access to the site, and the ability to change anything on the fly. They can upload photos, add descriptions, change the order of venues and categories, and update events.

From its launch a couple years ago, the site has been maintained by the client and has seen thousands of visitors on a regular basis. Additionally, we were awarded a top web design award shortly after its debut.

Services Provided:

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