Web Site Design San Diego

Web site Design San Diego

Website Design in San Diego is a very busy business.  With more and more businesses wanting web sites that are up to date, San Diego web site design companies must deliver.  From small business web design to corporate web sites, one thing they all have in common is that they are providing information to the user.  So, lets take a look at some things that every site needs: Continue reading

Terra Ferma

Our goal was to renovate the existing site to more closely reflect the company brand. They needed a platform on which to broadcast relevant advice on a variety of landscaping methods. We built a custom wordpress setup that would allow the team members to be discovered and have a voice on the company blog. In the end, we designed and developed a clean, modern, responsive site that showcases the company projects and message.

Petco Park Stadium

Petco Park Stadium

Update: We recently updated this site with more modern technology. Previously the site was built using flash, which at the time, was the widely accepted standard for a rich experience. However, with the advent of touch screens and mobile devices, flash has since been replaced with technology and techniques that better fit the needs of today. We implemented responsive design so that the interface would work appropriately on various screen sizes and device types.

The Petco Park Stadium is well known for its baseball games throughout the year. When there isn’t a baseball game scheduled, the stadium and its many venues are available for various other events. From school proms to major concerts, the stadium is booked on a regular basis. However, the problem was that their existing site didn’t really show off all of the available options, nor did it give all of the needed information to interested parties.

Our aim was to create a clean, easy to use interface that would allow a user to quickly move through the various venues and download relevant info, view images, and pricing.

At the same time, the client wanted to have complete control over all venue info, including which areas are listed, pictures, pricing, downloads, etc.

By utilizing a full screen interface, this allowed us to easily show off the photography as well as use panels to show info. We then built a custom CMS or content management system. This gives the client access to the site, and the ability to change anything on the fly. They can upload photos, add descriptions, change the order of venues and categories, and update events.

From its launch a couple years ago, the site has been maintained by the client and has seen thousands of visitors on a regular basis. Additionally, we were awarded a top web design award shortly after its debut.

What People Have to Say About Our Work

“Matthew delivered us a great product and brought creative and fresh ideas to the table. He listened carefully to what I wanted to achieve and helped move our brand forward. He’s a great person to partner with and I gladly recommend him to colleagues looking to transform their website or clarify their brand.”

Dana Kaland
Partnerships in Change

“Thank you Matthew, for helping us with our Logo, color schemes, menu design, promotional material and developing such a beautiful web site! You brought our vision to life!”

Rochelle & Olivier Bioteau
Farm House Cafe

“Matthew is truly the whole package. Matthew worked collaboratively to guarantee that the end product was of the most excellent quality. He listened to what was important to us and helped translate that into an award winning website design and an identity package that we were very happy with. He has a wide-ranging knowledge of this digital age and continues to provide innovative direction for marketing. I highly recommend Matthew for design and marketing needs.” Continue reading

San Diego Web Design Firms – How to Choose the right Web design Firm?

Looking at some of the many San Diego Web Design firms?  How do you go about choosing the Web design firm in San diego thats right for you?  Well, here are some common factors that you may want to consider:

Web design pricing

If money was no object, then you would never have to consider this. However, 9 times out of 10, this is one of the biggest deciding factors on who you choose to hire to design your site.   Continue reading

MC Land Construction

MC Land Construction needed a web presence that would convey the high quality and scale of their work. We designed a brand identity that would convey the right meaning and sense of professionalism. We then scheduled on-site photoshoots of some of their key projects. In the end we opted to build a custom WordPress site along with portfolio. They can manage their portfolio easily to update project details and highlight their latest work.

Web site Re-Design

You may have noticed that we recently upgraded our own web site.  This has been in the works for the last few months.  It is always difficult being your own ‘client’, since the possibilities are endless.  However, we ended up settling on the idea that our work is most important and we really wanted to show it off.  The former site showed very little in the way of the details that go into a project.  Our aim now is to give a little more insight as to the planning and forethought that go into each of our projects, whether it be a brand redesign or web site.  Have an opinion?  We’d love to know what you think.

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Biomonde home page

Biomonde green cleaning services was an enjoyable project. Like many of our sites, this one won an award as well.

When we sat down with owners Johnny and Nicole Falco, it was determined that the overall brand should give a modern, clean feel. We wanted the site to give the idea of a very professional, capable company, but also help the user understand some of the bigger picture on the services offered.

We decided to add a little humor and interest by adding “iphone-like” sliders that would show a before and after, or a “with our services or without.” The characters and the information change to get a rather simple idea across, namely, “green is better”.

We also added a blog where the owners regularly post their latest articles, experiments, and offers.

Lastly, we helped kick off this latest marketing campaign with various offline media and signage. The end result is one of the coolest ‘green’ companies we’ve seen.

Farm House Cafe Gets Some More Upgrades

The Farm House Cafe, one of my favorite clients, has had huge success from day one. We worked very closely with them from the start to help develop the brand look and feel. After the logo process, we designed the web site. A fun, interactive site that immerses the user in the rustic, french, and organic style. We shoot all of the photography for them a few times a year so that we can keep the site always feeling fresh and give the user an accurate expectation of what they’ll see when they visit. In this last year, we have made a lot of improvements to the sites overall ease of use and demographic reach.
Continue reading

Classic Hilarious Advertising

You may have seen this some time back, but for the many who haven’t, here it is.  This is classic hilarious advertising.  It is amazing how effective humor can be when trying to get your message across.  The Journal of Advertising mentions that “an estimated 24.4% of prime time television advertising in the U.S. is intended to be humorous.”  It also mentions that 55% of advertising research executives believe humor to be superior to non-humor in gaining attention.  If you think about it, which commercials in the super bowl are the ones we remember the most?  The funny ones!  In fact humor in advertising for the super bowl and other large televised events has become a highlight of it’s own.  Many viewers admit that sometimes they are more interested in the commercials than the main program.  Think about it, they’re actually watching TV FOR the commercials.  If that is not a testament to the power of humor, I don’t know what is.  So, next time you are thinking of a fresh spin on your next advertising campaign, why not give humor a shot?

Advanced Woodwork

Advanced Woodwork is a custom cabinetry and millwork firm located in Palm Desert.  They have beautiful work and continue to excel in their craft.  However, they were in need of a refresh for their web presence.  The old site felt dated and really didn’t reflect the quality, modern, stylish products that the company puts out.

Enter Sketchbox Design.   Continue reading

Why Email Blasts Are an Effective Tool

Email marketing has been around now for some time. And it is a hugely popular way to stay connected to your customers.  Still, many businesses have not yet began to utilize this marketing tool.  Lets discuss some of the main reasons why email marketing is an effective, powerful, and yet economically and environmentally sound choice. Continue reading

Web Site Awards Winner!

We just received 2 awards from the American Design Awards.  For those of you that are not familiar with web site awards, the American Design Awards is one of the better, more scrutinizing sites.  They don’t just throw anything up there.  Which is why I’m pretty happy with the fact that my recent sites biomondegreen.com and milofelline.com both placed near the top out of 1,000’s of submissions.  Pretty cool I think.

Upgrading this web site

Well, it has been a little while since I’ve had a chance to keep working on this blog.  But, I think I’m finally getting closer to getting this blog going.  I’ll be adding more posts and cleaning up the look a bit.  More to come soon.

Sadie Rose Baking Co.

We recently converted the site from it’s original flash code, to HTML5/CSS/jQuery.  It is now fully responsive for mobile phones, tablets and the desktop.  We’re proud that despite leaving flash behind, we didn’t have to sacrifice any of the charm that makes this site special.

Sadie Rose Baking Co. makes amazingly tasty fresh baked breads for the Southern California region.

We built the award winning web site that really captures the character of the company. The transitional touches like a bread board, and a baker’s peel that ‘scoops’ up the page content really bring it to life.

Continue reading

It’s Cool to “Go Green”

Who says “green” can’t be cool?  Cool, fun, easy… that was the idea for biomondegreen.com.  We worked closely with co-owners Johnny and Nicole Falco to start with an identity system.  They wanted something that would invoke the idea of “the ripple effect” with a green spin. I think the finished product speaks for itself.  I designed this RIA (Rich Interactive Application) to be clean and slick, but fun and easy to use.  Needless to say, I enjoyed working on this one.  Check out the comical before/after’s on both the residential and business pages.

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