Sadie Rose Baking Co.

We recently converted the site from it’s original flash code, to HTML5/CSS/jQuery.  It is now fully responsive for mobile phones, tablets and the desktop.  We’re proud that despite leaving flash behind, we didn’t have to sacrifice any of the charm that makes this site special.

Sadie Rose Baking Co. makes amazingly tasty fresh baked breads for the Southern California region.

We built the award winning web site that really captures the character of the company. The transitional touches like a bread board, and a baker’s peel that ‘scoops’ up the page content really bring it to life.

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It’s Cool to “Go Green”

Who says “green” can’t be cool?  Cool, fun, easy… that was the idea for  We worked closely with co-owners Johnny and Nicole Falco to start with an identity system.  They wanted something that would invoke the idea of “the ripple effect” with a green spin. I think the finished product speaks for itself.  I designed this RIA (Rich Interactive Application) to be clean and slick, but fun and easy to use.  Needless to say, I enjoyed working on this one.  Check out the comical before/after’s on both the residential and business pages.

Nice Boots

Mix horse riding essentials with Italian fashion and you have pretty much the most stylish, quality horse riding boots you can get.  Throw in a slick web site to show you some beautiful pictures and voila,  Did I mention I love photo shoots?  I think its the fact that I’m able to push which direction we’re going from an early on in the project.  If I know I’m working with a good photographer (like Jai Zeta), I know we are going to have an awesome finished site when it’s all said and done.  And the site just show it all off.  I built a completely custom image viewer for this site, that pulls all of the information dynamically.  That means that you don’t have to edit to much to completely change the products offered.  Oh, and it was a good thing I have been learning French for the last few years, as I got to speak a lot of it with owners Sandrine and Christian.  C’est super!

Farm House Cafe

The Farm House Cafe web site has won awards for its design, and received numerous accolades from customers and passerby alike. It was included in a list of the top 10 best restaurant websites in San Diego by the Union Tribune.  We feel like proud parents 🙂

They hired us prior to opening, to help them develop the Farm House brand, logo, etc. We then went on to design and develop the menus, signage, and web site.

We work with owners Rochelle and Olivier on a regular basis, shooting photography of their latest dishes, doing online marketing and various graphic design and print projects.

Petco Park Gets a New Look

We worked on this a little while back, but I wanted to mention what we did with this one.  Originally, they came to us looking for a new look for their existing website  They also wanted the flexibility to manage the site, including all descriptions, prices, photos, etc.  I think the end product gave them just that.  The site was built as a Rich Interactive Application.  In other words, instead of just being the normal, boring html list of photos, the site has some life to it.  We used Flash as the base for the site as it offers a lot of control over stylizing, but also works well with dynamically driven content.  At the same time, just about everything is dynamic, meaning that they have complete control over all of the information and images in the site.  I came up with the design of the site as well, using different sliding panels to house the info.  The idea is that you can always see nice big photos of what the page is talking about.  This helps the user to get a good understanding of the venue.  If you’re interested in working with us on a similar project, shoot us an email to get the ball rolling.

Hello world!

Well.  Here it is.  I finally had the time to get my OWN blog running.  I Love building full flash sites.  And in my work, I’m always coming across really cool sites that show off the capabilities of flash, flex, and CSS.  And so I plan on writing posts on some of the coolest sites, in both design and technology.  I hope this to be an inspiration to all who love good design, and technology.  I’ll also include some tips and tricks for web sites, and marketing in general.  And perhaps some good photography every now and then.

Silva + Villa

Silva + Villa is a home loan company located in Glendale, CA.  We designed their logo and branding, business collateral, and web site.  Most recently we added a blog to their HTML 5 site and have started leveraging the posts to drive traffic to the site.

We setup the site to automatically syndicate each post across multiple social media networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Each time they write a new post, all of their followers and friends will be able to be notified.  This approach works well, since it focuses traffic towards their web site, and not necessarily any one social network.

In addition, we have designed and built an Email campaign template that will automatically pull the latest posts into the quarterly campaign.  This way, those who prefer to receive an email will also be directed towards the latest articles.  Again, the idea is not to  generate the original content in the email blast itself, but to leverage the existing content  to drive traffic their web site.

Milo Felline

This fashion website design project won awards for site design from the American Design Awards. The site takes you into the Milo Felline world of high end horse riding boots, and really shows off the company style.

Milo Felline is a custom handmade Italian boot company. When we sat down with owners Sandrine and Christian, they explained that while the boots were primarily for horse riding, they are a high quality, fashionable accessory. So, we decided that we would highlight the ‘fashion’ side of this product with full photo shoot and product photography.

The brand look needed to be solid, but versatile, allowing it to be included on literature, online media, and also stitched or stamped on various products. So, we created the initials ‘MF’ that could be used in products, but also the full logo that would be the primary means of brand recognition.

The photo shoot was done in a couple days, including product photography, and model shots complete with horse and rider. The final shots came out beautifully, and really brought to life the brand idea of a ‘fashionable, quality boot’.

The web site was aimed to help continue the brand experience. The site has an overall slickness to it that really shows off the product features and style. We built a custom product viewing system that allows the user to quickly scan through the product line and view and enlarge pictures of the boots, as well as see details and accessory options.


Foresters Equity

Foresters Equity was in need of a newer site.  The old site hadn’t been updated for awhile and ran on an older cold fusion server.  They wanted to update their brand look to a more modern, friendly style that also coordinated with their parent company.  We suggested WordPress, since it offers a robust platform for both content generation as well as an easy to use interface for client updates.

The new site is fully responsive to smart phones, tablets, and the desktop alike.  Like everything we do, the site was built completely custom for what the client needed.  They were very happy with the new look and the speed at which it can now be updated.

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