Petco Park Gets a New Look

We worked on this a little while back, but I wanted to mention what we did with this one.  Originally, they came to us looking for a new look for their existing website  They also wanted the flexibility to manage the site, including all descriptions, prices, photos, etc.  I think the end product gave them just that.  The site was built as a Rich Interactive Application.  In other words, instead of just being the normal, boring html list of photos, the site has some life to it.  We used Flash as the base for the site as it offers a lot of control over stylizing, but also works well with dynamically driven content.  At the same time, just about everything is dynamic, meaning that they have complete control over all of the information and images in the site.  I came up with the design of the site as well, using different sliding panels to house the info.  The idea is that you can always see nice big photos of what the page is talking about.  This helps the user to get a good understanding of the venue.  If you’re interested in working with us on a similar project, shoot us an email to get the ball rolling.

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