Biomonde green cleaning services was an enjoyable project. Like many of our sites, this one won an award as well.

When we sat down with owners Johnny and Nicole Falco, it was determined that the overall brand should give a modern, clean feel. We wanted the site to give the idea of a very professional, capable company, but also help the user understand some of the bigger picture on the services offered.

We decided to add a little humor and interest by adding “iphone-like” sliders that would show a before and after, or a “with our services or without.” The characters and the information change to get a rather simple idea across, namely, “green is better”.

We also added a blog where the owners regularly post their latest articles, experiments, and offers.

Lastly, we helped kick off this latest marketing campaign with various offline media and signage. The end result is one of the coolest ‘green’ companies we’ve seen.

Advanced Woodwork

Advanced Woodwork is a custom cabinetry and millwork firm located in Palm Desert.  They have beautiful work and continue to excel in their craft.  However, they were in need of a refresh for their web presence.  The old site felt dated and really didn’t reflect the quality, modern, stylish products that the company puts out.

Enter Sketchbox Design.   Continue reading

Classic Hilarious Advertising

You may have seen this some time back, but for the many who haven’t, here it is.  This is classic hilarious advertising.  It is amazing how effective humor can be when trying to get your message across.  The Journal of Advertising mentions that “an estimated 24.4% of prime time television advertising in the U.S. is intended to be humorous.”  It also mentions that 55% of advertising research executives believe humor to be superior to non-humor in gaining attention.  If you think about it, which commercials in the super bowl are the ones we remember the most?  The funny ones!  In fact humor in advertising for the super bowl and other large televised events has become a highlight of it’s own.  Many viewers admit that sometimes they are more interested in the commercials than the main program.  Think about it, they’re actually watching TV FOR the commercials.  If that is not a testament to the power of humor, I don’t know what is.  So, next time you are thinking of a fresh spin on your next advertising campaign, why not give humor a shot?

Mmm Bagels and Marketing

Here is a great example of how social media can pay off.  Any business owner should seriously be considering how they can use social media in their marketing efforts.  While you’re thinking about it, grab a bagel 🙂

Farm House Cafe

Farm House recently was included in a list of the top 10 best restaurant websites in San Diego by the Union Tribune.  We feel like proud parents 🙂  (At least for the brand/site)

The Farm House Cafe web site has won awards for its design, and received numerous accolades from customers and passerby alike.

They hired us prior to opening, to help them develop the Farm House brand, logo, etc. We then went on to design and develop the menus, signage, and web site.

We work with owners Rochelle and Olivier on a regular basis, shooting photography of their latest dishes, doing online marketing and various graphic design and print projects.

Over the years, the site has been updated to include a video section dubbed “Farm House TV”. In it, users can learn some of the famous recipes created by Olivier, as well as watch clips from some of the latest events as well as a documentary style clip explaining what the restaurant is all about.

Another noteworthy addition is a mobile friendly version of the site. Users can check the menu, or make a reservation, and view needed information all from their smart phone. This gives a lot of flexibility and added value.

We continue to work hand in hand with Farm House, maintaining the site, working on SEO and online advertisting, as well as regular e-mail Blasts. We have truly enjoyed the process, and continue to work to promote the Farm House Brand.

Why Email Blasts Are an Effective Tool

Email marketing has been around now for some time. And it is a hugely popular way to stay connected to your customers.  Still, many businesses have not yet began to utilize this marketing tool.  Lets discuss some of the main reasons why email marketing is an effective, powerful, and yet economically and environmentally sound choice. Continue reading

Foresters Equity

Here is one of our latest web design projects.  Foresters Equity was in need of a newer site.  The old site hadn’t been updated for awhile and ran on an older cold fusion server.  They wanted to update their brand look to a more modern, friendly style that also coordinated with their parent company.  We suggested WordPress, since it offers a robust platform for both content generation as well as an easy to use interface for client updates.

The new site is fully responsive to smart phones, tablets, and the desktop alike.  Like everything we do, the site was built completely custom for what the client needed.  They are very happy with the new look and the speed at which it can now be updated.

Web Site Awards Winner!

We just received 2 awards from the American Design Awards.  For those of you that are not familiar with web site awards, the American Design Awards is one of the better, more scrutinizing sites.  They don’t just throw anything up there.  Which is why I’m pretty happy with the fact that my recent sites and both placed near the top out of 1,000’s of submissions.  Pretty cool I think.

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